Definition of “Na’ura” |  machine, device.

Vice -president Osinbajo listens in as Jamil demonstrates Na’ura Tech’s latest LED lighting Photography by: Nelly Ating

Who we are. Na’ura is a technology start-up specializing in the design and manufacture of smart devices in Nigeria.

Why us? We have extensive know how in technology development, working with both local and international product designers.

Mustapha demonstrates Na’ura Techs latest LED lighting to the Vice President of Nigeria  Photography by: Nelly Ating

What we can do for you. At Na’ura, we don’t just sell lights. We provide a solution to help significantly reduce your lighting costs and carbon foot-print through the use of maintenance-free LEDs, off-grid energy, smart lighting controls and intelligent power management.

Na’ura co-founders Kabir and Jamil sign MOU with the Advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory, (AUAVL), of the National Space Research and Development Agency, Abuja.

Our technology. Na’ura LED lights are specially made for spaces that require high performance smart lighting. Born out of the electronics industry, our LED lights are super bright and consume low energy, perfect for residential and commercial applications.